I have met a lot of people who think that looking after someone with dementia is just about giving them good care.  Well it is but … there is a lot more to it than that.  Good is based good ideas.  These ideas might include ethical ideas about what is and what is not good care, ideas about the factors that affect good care, ideas about what works best and offers the most effective care.  These ideas are usually called ‘theory’ and we believe that good ideas guides and directs to good care.  

This site is committed to developing good care to people with dementia and promoting ‘living well with dementia’.   We believe that good care is underpinned by good ideas. We belive that person-centred and relationship centred approaches towards dementiacare contain many good good ideas and may be used as the basis for good pratice in dementia care.   This is because person-centred care gives a rightful priority to the person with dementia and relationship centred care extends this idea to other people associated with dementia, such as family carers and paid-for carers.  This the site help medial and care staff  use person-centred care and relationship centred care to help  people with dementia live with their condition and promote their well-being.


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